The 2020 Guide to Ski Season

Before spring starts to kick in her shins, it’s time to celebrate a fresh dump of powdered perfection and all the epic après ski parties with the 2020 ski season. For snow bunnies and slope kings, this time of year is all about loading up the winter jackets and hitting the glitziest ski resorts across Europe. 

We love ski season at Life of Riley; from Austria’s hidden gems to gooey fondue in precariously high mountain huts, the social energy of after-ski meet and greets, and the breathtaking allure of sailing down those back slopes. But this is all an age-old story when it comes to ski season, so for those who want to declare a new decade with a brand new powdered peak adventure, here are the 2020 trends marking a dazzling new decade for the glorious ski season…

Daring New Destinations

Gorgeous Georgia

While the Alpine greats of France and Austria are still going strong, those who have perfected the art of taking Val d’Isere and Grenoble by storm may be scanning the horizon for new exciting territory. If you are prepared to think outside the box this ski season there are a ton of exciting new destinations making the grade. Georgia is suddenly turning heads for all the right reasons with her looming mountains, quaint folk culture, and intimate tours on offer for tackling the lesser-known peaks.

Balkan Bests

Bulgaria is another Balkan great leaving footprints in the snow. Famed for being one of the most cost-effective spots to go skiing, Bansko sits between an impressive national park and a medieval town. Wolves and bears hideaway in the beautiful mountains, the chalets are cosy, the wine and Rakia in free flow and the infrastructure is always on the up.

Crazy Kamchatka

If you truly want to head out to a destination few others have had the pleasure to carve tracks, then skiing in Kamchatka is not the faint of heart. At the very ends of the earth in the extreme far east of Russia, this untouched powder paradise opens up a portal to the great unknown. Kamchatka is home to some of the heaviest snowfalls on earth, not to mention mind-boggling peaks, liquid turquoise lakes, and active volcanoes you can actually ski down. Want more? Fine, you can also jump out of a helicopter to start your ski journey, kick back in hot springs fed from the hundreds of surrounding volcanoes, and Heli-ski in terrain as large as Switzerland. We told you, not the faint of heart!

Tantalizing Trends to Watch For

Classic Cool

So where’s equal measures too hot to handle and all chill for the 2020 ski season? Three-time winner of the top ski resort is still the Alpe d’Huez in gorgeous Grenoble. Whether you are barmy for the black slopes or still getting to grips with your balance, this resort is all rare splendour with its pristine Pistes of varying levels, excellent après ski party vibes, and consistent fresh dumps of snow.

Sustainable Style

Sustainability is seeping into every corner of the travel market and for good reason. In a world of white powder, there is a growing trend for needing more green. Les Gets in France is already taking eco-friendly measures when it comes to the 2020 ski season. From electric snowmobiles to recyclable ice rinks, where there’s winter fun, expect to see growing innovative tweaks to keep the planet happy.

Night Skiing

Courchevel is also upping the luxury antics for the 2020 season with their dine and ride offering at Les Airelles. Delight in supper beneath the stars in a mountainside yurt before swishing back down the slopes beneath the milky glow of the moon. They aren’t the only ski resort inviting skiing by starlight, the new Design Hotel in Finnish Lapland knocks the pleasure factor out the park by inviting you to ski beneath the golden-green glow of the aurora borealis.


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