5 of the Ritziest Private Islands for Rent

It’s not just film stars and drug barons that can indulge in the pleasures of a private island stay. From the far-flung palm fronds of Fiji to historic European waters; our big beautiful world is scattered with gem-like private islands that with the right amount of cash, you can call your own. Imagine, you and your favorite entourage stranded on a five-star island with nothing but white sands, champagne, and cerulean waters for company. There will be no fighting over pool loungers, no frustrating wait at the bar, and no need to deal with another person – over than the dude bringing you another bottle of Cristal of course. Forget paradise lost, this has to be paradise found, here are our five favorite private islands for a ritzy, glitzy stay…

Wadigi Private Island, Fiji

Say the word paradise island and we bet your mind unknowingly conjures visions of Fiji. With all that sugar soft sand, pacific warmth, and frothy flowers bursting out of every orifice how could it not? Wadigi Island is the poster child for private perfection; we are talking your own piece of the Mamanucas Islands surrounded by pure prisms of blue. Expect two private gourmet chefs to battle out who can whip up the best silver service suppers, suites adorned with lashings of fresh fruit, flowers, and freshly baked cookies, and days spent indulging in massages, snorkeling, and dolphin chasing.

North Island, Seychelles

A celebrity favorite and for good reason; North Island in the Seychelles was the pioneer of the tern barefoot luxury and has created a resort that seems to belong to a place better known as heaven. Surrounded by a dizzying array of beauty; you can see everything from granite peaks to flour white sands and sprawling plantations. Of course, you get the best view when you arrive by private chopper. Eleven villas are dressed to impress, with whirlpool decks, wood lattice ceilings, and demure raw materials to create a stunning Zen sophistication like vibe. Tortoises roam alongside well-versed villa attendants, who can arrange a day of conservation hikes, picnics on private beaches, and deep-sea diving with a snap of their fingers.

Bedarra Island, Australia

Just sixteen privileged people are invited to curate astounding memories on Australia’s amazing Bedarra Island. If you always dreamed of being a solo explorer on the Great Barrier Reef, then Bedarra is the most beautiful base imaginable. We are talking 45 hectares of verdant rainforest, a strikingly sustainable private hideaway, and a million magical suggestions for exploring the reef. Take your pick between paddleboard, delightful dingy packed with a gourmet picnic, kayak, or snorkel. When not immersed in warm waters and kaleidoscopic coral, you can linger lovingly over candlelit suppers on remote shores, lounge in the library, or escape to your elevated and elegant treehouse villa perched in the canopy.

Obonjon Island, Croatia 

When you hear the term private island you immediately write the narrative of swaying coconut palms and the soft strum of Ukulele music. But Obonjon Island invites you to paint a different picture. A slip of an island stashed in the cobalt blue waters of Croatia, Obonjon believes that it takes 500 to make a private island a hell of a lot of fun. It's probably right. While this may not be a private island per se, it certainly has all the moods of one. Limited guests mean that there is more than enough space to go around, and besides, with all that splashing in crystalline waters and DJ dancing at night, you will have made 499 new friends in seconds flat. If you were ever looking for a fabulously affordable option for feeling like you have your own private island, Obonjon with its watersports, workshops, and talks, holistic healing and headline festival feel is the one.

Tagomago, Ibiza

Everyone’s favorite party island, Ibiza can be endless fun but sometimes it's great to have your own private retreat away from the heart of hedonism. Imagine, after a night hitting up Pascha and Eden, you can head back to your own private Eden on the island of Tagomago. Instead of some hotel filled with hungover revelers, you get to enjoy the fantasy of sweet silence, freshly squeezed orange juice beside the pool, a quick dip in the whirlpool bath, and luxury designer décor woven throughout. When you are just about ready and raring to go again, you can take out your private helicopter or speedboat and head back to the main island or hang a right and head instead for the Caribbean style waters and yacht haven of Formentera close by. With five bedrooms for your five besties, Tagomago is the only way to do Ibiza in pure sassy playboy style.

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