5 Offbeat Events for October

October has it all – ornate camels, iron-clad warriors, and brilliant young billionaires. Whether you’re welcoming fall or celebrating the return of spring, October is one of those months that comes chock full of lively energy and entertainment. October was the month that set Edison on course to illuminate the world, had John Lennon screaming into the world, and saw the launch of the first satellite out of this world! It seems only right that this month would be filled with events and festivities that celebrate everything from the glow of lights to the return of the dead. Here are the events making our list this October…


Who doesn’t want a holiday to Hawaii? Sun, surf and helicopter rides…or running 140 miles across lava, curiously pedaling across Oahu, and trying to crawl through overhead height waves on Waikiki. Yep, the Ironman World Championship is back. Since the 70’s, this comp has been drawing in the world’s toughest wannabe champs, those who may or may not be direct descendants of Hercules. The aim of the game is to swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles, and then run 26.2 miles – all against the glorious but far from forgiving terrain of Hawaii. If you can’t handle the competition, then why not smugly soak up the action with a cocktail from the sidelines.


The Hindu Festival of Lights certainly brings its own shine. While celebrations for this glittering holiday take place around the world, there’s no better place to catch the action then in Mumbai. More than just striking a match and igniting a bunch of candles, Diwali is a dreamy experience of shimmering lights, laughter, feasting on sweets, swapping presents, and exclaiming over glittering fireworks exploding in the sky. On a Dharavi Tour you not only experience the build-up and beauty of Diwali from the heart of the action, but you also get full cultural immersion in India at one of the most exciting times of the year. We are talking visits to off the beaten track communities, the chance to feast in local family homes, hopping across rooftops, and celebrating with your new-found friends. All that and the fact that practically all the profit goes back into the community makes this more than an illuminating adventure.

Forbes Under 30

All the rumors about millennials wasting away on social media and bankrupting themselves over avocado toast, but the Forbes Under 30 Summit is set to put the record straight. This millionaire inspired meet-up between leaders, founders, investors and thinkers is the ultimate networking experience for those looking to swing up a few rungs on the Forbes rich list. A four-day event taking place in Detroit, you can expect a ram-packed calendar composed of 200 plus speakers, 500 plus investors, hundreds of journalists, probably a fair few influencers, and over 2.3 billion in social reach. Who said fame and fortune is more than a numbers game?

Pushkar Camel Fair

For over a century the people of regal Rajasthan have been traveling to the Pushkar Fair to snap up the finest, most ornate camels in the country. It seems that camel pushing is competitive business and in order to attract the best buyers, your camels have to be the most majestic at market. Visiting the Pushkar Camel Fair gives you a glimpse into an age-old cultural celebration; one where camels are dressed to impress, a camel fashion museum offers mesmerizing glances at silver bridles and camel clad face masks, and Ferris wheels turn against the sunset. Visiting the Pushkar Camel Fair gives you the chance to experience Rajasthan hospitality, to partake in vibrant festivities, and to soak up all the yoga, music, and food you could wish for. Just don’t get carried away and try and come home with a camel.

Day of the Dead

While some parts of the world dress up as pizza slices and ex-presidents for Halloween, the end of October moving into the start of November brings a much more vivid slant to the dance of life and death down in Mexico. The Day of the Dead, also known as Día de Los Muertos in its native tongue, is one of the most colorful and vivacious macabre celebrations on the calendar. The lively festival of the dead is a vision of sugar skulls, flower crowns, painted faces, and epic street parade parties. Across South and Central Mexico you can take your pick as to where you celebrate; from tiny outpost towns to the capital, it’s the perfect chance to down tequila, fall in love with Frida Kahlo artwork, and honor those who have passed through deaths doors in the most decadent way possible. 

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