Epic Food Events That Beat Barbecuing

Barbecuing may be a right of passage to see us through the summer months, but let’s be honest; can you really call a blackened burger that a good vet could bring back to life the ultimate gourmet experience? Yes, even when paired with a six-pack of lukewarm beer. Barbeques (while a great excuse to get drunk around a naked flame) are hardly a culinary highlight of the year. Instead, let us tempt your tastebuds with a range of refined activities that celebrate the true art of food…

BBC Good Food Event

The BBC has a long-standing reputation when it comes to being paired with perfect cuisine. It was the first to bring you the bonkers beauty of Ainsley Harriot and Ready Steady Cook, where contestants had 15 minutes to prepare a Michelin starred style meal with a random bunch of ingredients. It was also the first to nurture our love of Bakeoff and gifted us the delights of Delia Smith. 

Now, imagine if the Beeb decided to host a happening foodie event at one of England’s most regal spots. The BBC Good Food Event will be held at Hampton Court Palace and you can expect the flavors to flow. A VIP package to the epic food event ensures goody bags, lashings of fizz, a cookbook and a glorious picnic to munch in the middle of the maze. Along with scores of celebrity chefs, delightful demos, craft beer and wine tastings, you get to lap it all up in handsome kingly style.

Dinner in the Sky

Stuffy old restaurants are so out of fashion; if you truly want to enjoy the finery of food then why not choose to have dinner while suspended 147 feet in the sky. If those figures are enough to make you lose your appetite then maybe this isn’t the meal plan for you. A bucket list foodie bonanza for sure, twenty-two diners are strapped in and hoisted high into the skies over Teotihuacan, where world-class chefs will have whipped up a delectable meal for you to enjoy. 

Along with a succulent supper, your sky-high supper platform also includes wait staff and even a restroom (just in case you were wondering). When dangling over the delights of Mexico its only right that you should indulge in the finest local cuisine; just make sure not to go overboard with the tequila shots. 

Margaret River Gourmet Escape

While Australia may be synonymous with the term ‘Throw another shrimp on the barbie’, its not all crumpled beer cans, Australia is actually one of the world’s most glorious gourmand destinations and top of the charts has to be Margaret River. We are talking wine wine wine, safari club cookouts, celebrity chefs, thematic luncheons and brunches, more wine, and secret garden dining. Did we mention there will be wine?

The fabulous three-day Margaret River Gourmet Escape may be centered around the farm to table delights, local delicacies, uncorking the best bottles, and masterclasses with the worlds most exciting chefs, but there’s also DJ’s, yacht trips, yoga workshops, brewery tours and a whole lot more. The best part is, the event doesn’t kick off until November so you have plenty of time to plan your adventure to the lavish land down under.

Georgia Epicurean Adventure

Ancient churches, towering mountains, and a maze of magical vineyards – Georgia is one of those countries that blows you away. Tucked behind the Balkans, and with a wild and complicated history, Georgia has remained quite the mystery for years. Now that is all changing, and travelers are heading to the so-called birthplace of wine to guzzle, gulp, sip and swirl. 

On this epic epicurean adventure of Georgia, you can spend 12 days tasting your way around the old-world splendor of one of Europe’s last hidden gems. From buzzing Tbilisi to the depths of the mountains; you will taste wine made by monks, whip up gourmet suppers with local chefs, hit the most fabulous restaurants and farmers markets, and taste a whole range of sweet and sublime Georgian delicacies. 

Gastronomic Tour of China

For those who are feeling intrepid in more ways than one, the gastronomic tour of China is sure to crack your curiosity wide open. While China may offer such foodie delights as sheep penis, thousand-year-old eggs, scorpions and bird nest soup, it also delivers the warm spice of Sichuan, tender morsels of Peking duck, gloriously delicate green tea, and dumplings that will make you weak at the knees. 

On this epicurean exploration of the far-east, not only do you get to hit the finest spice markets and food stalls, but you can stand in the historic heart of Tiananmen Square, visit a panda breeding sanctuary, learn Tai Chi with ancient masters, and gaze in awe at the terracotta army. 

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