Best Treks in the World

For some, it's about discovering that spectacular natural beauty you can only find on foot. For others it's the challenge of beating Mother Nature to the ground, surviving the altitude, the distance, the pain and making it back to the bar with ultimate bragging rights. Whatever your reasons for trekking mountain, desert or jungle for weeks on end, there are some truly epic places on our planet. So if you've been feeling the itch to grab that rucksack and hiking boots recently, here are a few of our favourites.

Aconcagua Expedition

At 6962m, the peak of Mount Aconcagua soars into the clouds, straddling the border of Chile and Argentina and can even be seen from the Pacific coast. Led by one of the most experienced and knowledgeable guides in the business you can take on the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia in this experience of a lifetime.

Gobi Desert Trek

With a little help from the local camel community, this trek gives visitors the chance to explore ancient lost cities, meet nomadic families who live off the arid land and to sleep beneath the star-studded skies in the shadows of the Gobi Altai Mountains. From the earliest explorers like Marco Polo to the discovery of the worlds first fossilised dinosaur eggs, the secrets of The Gobi Desert have drawn adventurers to it for centuries to uncover its hidden treasures.

Iceland & Greenland Photography Trek 

One for all the Budding Travel Photographers of the Year out there. This journey through the tundra, fjords and ice of Iceland & Greenland is a paradise for those behind the lens. The basecamp overlooks an ever-changing ice floe, providing new dramatic landscapes with each passing day. You will be taken on scenic hikes to explore local Inuit communities, scout for wildlife and capture the perfect sunset meets iceberg shots.

Trekking the Rice Terraces

Often thought of as the Eighth wonder of the world, thousands of years of history lie in these ancient agricultural steps carved out of the hillside. This trek takes visitors across acres of rice terraces studded with glittering waterfalls and offers a taste of the real Philippino villages nestled amongst the gardens. It is a land of mystery and spectacular landscapes just waiting to be explored.

Trek Irans Highest Peak

Iran might not be the first place that you think of when it comes to mountain climbing or tourism in general. This trek is a diamond in the rough and the perfect place to get off the beaten track in our ever-shrinking world. At over 5000m, it is one of the most accessible peaks of this scale and offers incredible mountain climbing juxtaposed with a fascinating glimpse into the culture of one of the last frontiers.

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