The Coolest Conferences for October

Buried in the deepest recesses of our minds are traumatic events that, when triggered, can burst out of our subconsciousness and crash into us like a wave.

Such was the case when I was tasked with researching upcoming conferences. Suddenly, I was arrested with flashbacks of lengthy powerpoint presentations so dull that they seemed to stop time, and the assault of cringy presenting and lame jokes became distant echoes as the unrelenting mental fog wrestled my brain into submission.

Understandably, I was wary of venturing back into the world of conferences, and I don’t blame you if you feel the same way. However, in these times of wild innovation and fierce competition, conferences have evolved to become powerful networking events, exciting hubs of information, and exclusive experiences!

From the latest mind-blowing scientific discoveries to genius billionaire business insights, and exhilarating cultural explorations in between, let’s take a look at some of the top conferences making our networking list this October...

New Scientist Live

Is the earth really flat? Will we have flying cars in our lifetime? And is there truly life on mars? If you have any of the above burning questions or just want to delve a little deeper into scientific discovery, the New Scientist Live conference is sure to blow your mind wide open. Science is having a moment and there’s no better way to celebrate than to tumble into four days of fabulous facts at the New Scientist conference in the UK. Covering five categories of everything from earth, humans and the cosmos, this action-packed event is brimming with talks, debates, immersive experiences, and even late-night events just for grownups.

Forbes Under 30

They say it’s not what you know, its who you know. Be sure to bring your little black book to the Forbes Under 30 summit or, as it’s millennial-driven, shall we say your little Blackberry? The Forbes Under 30 brings together a wide collection of some of the brightest minds in business and those who are set to be the thought leaders of the future. If you are looking for investment in that new business plan, if you want to be inspired to change the world, or if you are just here for the billions of Instagram likes and private music festival to boot, then the Forbes Under 30 will be worth its weight in gold.

OnBrand Conference

Be your own brand is the name behind the game and at the Netherlands OnBrand Conference, you can get all the insight and inspiration you need to go viral. For those immersed in the online world; whether as a young start-up or someone looking to boost an already established business, the OnBrand conference is brimming with the contacts and curated opportunities you need. Expect two thousand attendants, four fabulous stages, and a wealth of information all waiting to be worked into your world.


Head out to South Africa for one of the most exciting and exhilarating events on the business calendar. It may not be happening until November, but we are getting prepped. AfricaCom is hitting its 21st year and is all about sitting down with potential partners and hashing it out. While we may live in a digital and remote focused world, AfricaCom takes it back to the tete au tete. Touch base, meet and greet, ask a million questions, get a thousand answers, and fill your boots with a brilliant program of workshops, seminars, one on ones and lectures from experts across businesses set to propel Africa into tomorrow. Along with all the fascination of AfricaCom, you also get to explore Cape Town and indulge in the music, sports, and cultural gatherings that accompany this amazing event.

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