The Most Glorious Galas This Season

Glitz, Glam, and Galas... Yep, December is here and we're closing out 2019 in style! We love a good party at Life of Riley – even better when there’s lashings of champagne, a red carpet, and a fascinating crowd thrown in. It’s gala season across the globe and we have been busy sorting through the invites to highlight the very best and most gracious galas on offer.

New Year’s Eve Gala Ball Vienna

For centuries the Viennese have known how to hold fairytale parties that make Cinderella’s ball look like a simple pub get-together. Already in the running for one of the most elegant European destinations with its handsome architecture, bohemian late-night café culture, and soaring classical music scene, we can’t think of a better spot for seeing in the New Year. Without a doubt the party of the year -  at the New Year’s Eve Gala Ball in Vienna there will, of course, be a live orchestra, a gourmet four-course silver supper feast, and everyone dressed to the nines in ball gowns and black ties. Dance all night, and at the stroke of midnight head up to the balcony for a first-class view of the fireworks to mark the turn of the calendar.

New Year Gala at Sydney Opera House

Hot on the heels of Vienna, can you think of a more iconic place to see in the New Year than the Sydney Opera House? The majestic sails of the Opera House are a beloved mark of the chic Australian city’s skyline and the interior is every inch as spectacular. Sydney is also known for its famous firework displays, and hey – as it will be the middle of summer, you can leave those jackets and cashmere wraps at home. Rock up to the Opera House, catch an epically amazing concert of the greatest classical hits, sip fine wines from award-winning Aussie vineyards, and lap up an exhilarating midnight interval with front row seats of the kaleidoscopic firework display. The New Year Gala at the Sydney Opera House is a once in a lifetime experience and the best way to start your year on track.

NGV Gala Ball

While Sydney may be the show-stealer when it comes to glitzy Gala’s, Melbourne is out there proving that it can hold its own when it comes to festively fabulous celebrations. The gourmand foodie capital of Australia, you can bet that the NGV Gala Ball is going to be a blow out event. While some galas have a reputation for being a little stuffy, the NGV Gala Ball is where chic and cool collide. Of course, the red carpet is sure to have been rolled out, the peals polished and the champagne on ice, but the canapes and cocktails have been designed by international heavyweights in the world of critically acclaimed chefs. There’s also going to be some mind-bending artwork from Escher, and a glorious crowd of the coolest kids making this a must for those who want their galas served with a side of hipster.

Kursalon Christmas Gala

We have already raved about Vienna’s glittering gala scene but if you can’t wait for New Years to don your ball gown, then head instead to the Kursalon Christmas Gala. Held inside the chandelier clad Lanner Hall, the 19th-century Italian renaissance spirit is revived. If you can tear your eyes away from the majestic splendor of the setting, there’s a four-course gourmet meal, endless bottles of beautiful wine, and a classical Viennese orchestra playing the likes of Mozart and Strauss to keep you twirling on the dancefloor. For those who want to experience a highly cultivated and classy Christmas, Vienna once more has got you covered. 

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