5 Seasonal Events to Celebrate December

The winter solstice is upon us, the fairy-lights are twinkling in the west, and summer is in full swing in the south!

December is a month of sheer delight, and in more ways than just splurging on awesome gifts. You can attend glorious galas, chase the northern lights in Lapland, join an exhilarating car rally across the countryside, and celebrate all things fashionable and fabulous.

This is your go-to guide to the sensational seasonal events happening this December.

NY Gala Sydney

Ready for 2019 to fade away and make space for the spectacular year ahead? Get your tickets now for the New Year’s Gala Event in Sydney. Famed for its striking architecture, jaw-dropping firework displays, and the classiest concerts covering such earthly greats as Puccini and Verdi, this is one evening you don’t want to miss. For those who are sick of spending New Years in lousy bars or curled up on the sofa, perhaps its time to go big or go home. Dress to impress, step into the iconic Sydney Opera Hall, drink the finest wines and start the new year as you mean to go on.

Santa’s Lapland

There’s no reason to spend Christmas trying to stop your grandma piling your plate high with wrinkled sprouts. Instead, swap those drunken family feuds for the chance to fully immerse yourself in the seasonal spirit. Nothing says Christmas quite like a trip to Santa’s Lapland. We are talking pure powdered snow (not the sludgy city type), red log cabins with roaring fires, the big man himself and scores of reindeers and rare and wonderful sights. Get the eggnog on and lose yourself in Lapland’s lush wilderness.

Miss World

Love it or loathe it, this is the month that once more Miss World takes center stage in the good ole US of A. Over one hundred countries send their most splendid young ladies to compete for the crown. This year the iconic event will be held in the dazzling Washington DC and for those lucky enough to score a ticket, you get to be a ringside judge. Before making a snap judgment on the event its also worth considering that there’s a big dollop of attention placed on raising money for worthy causes so, with that in mind, it could just be worth a look in.

Le Jog Car Rally

If ogling sexy steering wheels is more your thing, skip the Miss World event in favor of going gaga over the Le Jog Car Rally. This epic adventure takes you freewheeling across the British countryside, on the ride of your life as you hurtle from Lands End to John O Groats. Close to 1500 miles of rolling hills and beautiful winding backroads await – the dreamiest conditions for purring along in your Porsche 911. Don’t be put off by a December drive, the frosty tipped mornings, winter sunrises, and warming pub stops are more than enough fuel you need to see you on your way.

Brit Fashion Awards

Put on your best dress for the British Fashion Awards. Whether seeking a first look at the latest designer trends or just wanting to hang with the fashion elite, catwalk models and A-list crowd, there’s no better spot for soaking up celebrity clad action than the fashion awards. Start your elegant eve with champagne fizz and dinner in one of London’s best restaurants. Swoop down the red carpet and stop for the paparazzi flash before disappearing into the Albert Hall for a dress circle seat perfectly placed to capture all the action. Being in the very heart of the VIP action you can also expect those after-party invites to come flooding in. 

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