Five Mega Pan American Road Trips For 2020

Hit the road Jack; 2020 marks the return of the mega road trip! From Kerouac to Fitzgerald and everyone in-between, you ascend into true traveller status when taking on the challenge of a road trip for weeks at a time. 

Whether you pick those sprawling American highways for dreamy diner stops and wrestling alligators or if you decide to keep going souther-than-south until you reach Mexico’s magical shores and the jungles of Costa Rica, the road is for dreamers and doers. 

We have collected a bucket list-worthy array of perfect Pan American Adventures that will take you from the trumpet blaring streets of New Orleans to Patagonia’s cloud-piercing peaks.

Deep South USA for Music Lovers

Swamps, the twang of blues, sugary beignets and bright jazz – there’s a million and one reasons to lose yourself to the allure of sweet southern hospitality in the good ole US of A. Swing by New Orleans for the jazz festival late April and hit the French Quarter for all your brass fantasies. Sip cocktails, feast on po boys, and fall in love with America’s most eclectic city. Head on down to Graceland and Memphis for a heady dose of Elvis mania, before hitting the backroads through Mississippi to visit the Home of the Blues.

Manuel Antonio for Wildlife Wonders

If your idea of a great road trip includes velvet green rainforests, snoozing sloths, and surfing beautiful deserted beaches then Costa Rica is most certainly calling. Brimming with exotic blooming national parks, simmering volcanoes, smoky cloud forests, and thundering falls – this is where you get behind the wheel and live your ultimate outdoor adventure. Nowhere captures the tantalizing spirit of tropical Central America quite like Costa Rica.

Take a journey from the sultry bohemian shores of Santa Teresa down to Manuel Antonio National Park, or for an even more exciting entry – drive your car onto the ferry and cross the gorgeous Gulf of Nicoya. Manuel Antonio is a paradise with its breathtaking beaches flanked by glittering green rainforests and its zoological splendour. Stay at the Tulemar Bamboo Villa for barefoot luxury, midnight paddleboarding, and white water rafting.

Napa Valley for Sommelier Style

Sure, some road trips are all about drive-thru pleasures, dusty roads, and cheap motels – and others are about sprawling vineyards, gourmet suppers, and boutique bliss. Welcome to the Napa Valley. Anyone who has a pure penchant for wine will shudder in delight at the idea of driving across California’s fragrant wine country. Hop in the car and prepare to sip the finest nectars that can be found scattered along this rugged Pacific Coast stretch of carefully cultivated land.

In-between all that sipping and spitting there are no less than 150 Michelin starred restaurants to rock up for lunch, not to mention the chance to hop aboard the Napa Valley and Sonoma Wine Train when you are slightly too buzzed to drive.

Argentina Ruta 40 for Easy Riders

If your road trip dreams are brimming with visions of glacial capped mountains, world-class vineyards, and the unbridled plains of Patagonia then heading out on the Argentina Ruta 40 is an absolute must.

While you can tackle the dizzying peaks and troughs in a car, the best way to hit this majestic road is to say hello to your wild side and explore the Argentina Ruta 40 by motorbike. We are talking five thousand miles of death-defying mountain roads, peaks that seem to puncture the skies above, delirious desert-like terrain, and wine-soaked Andean foothills for a touch of sip and swirl to finish another epic day on the road.

The Yucatan Peninsula for Divers and Dreamers

Mexican magic is all yours when you take to the road and hit up the legendary Yucatan Peninsula. A land of pure colour, fairytale beaches, Mayan mythology, tart margaritas, and stashed away cenotes, Mexico makes for a mesmerizing adventure.

As you explore the Caribbean kissed shores that make up the Riviera, make sure that you hit up Playa de Carmen for a spot of partying and diving. This is the place to go cavern diving in Mexico. Dip down into the intricate cave systems that sit beneath Playa de Carmen and Tulum – lose yourself in the kaleidoscopic displays of underwater flora and fauna and fall head over heels for the thrill of weightlessly moving through the water. When not soaked in saltwater, your Yucatan road trip can be filled to the brim with exploring the alleyways of Tulum, partying all night, gorging on glorious food, and snapping the sassiest Instagram shots on the flamingo drenched lagoons that make up Rio Lagartos. 

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