The Best Michelin Starred Experiences Around the Globe

Since 1926, the French (those trusted food fanatics) have been traversing the far-flung globe and tracking down the crème de la crème of the gourmet scene.

Whereas, back then, a Michelin star restaurant may have been a mess of amuse bouche on stuffy tablecloths; in the 21st century, the culinary scene has evolved to push the boundaries of creativity to produce mind-blowing multi-sensory dining experiences.

Michelin Stars can be found in the most unlikely of places; from back street hawker carts in Singapore to edible ants in Sao Paulo, our celebration of food has come a long way. For those gourmand gods who fancy an edible experience that goes above and beyond dishes that make you go “mmm”, these are the very best Michelin starred experiences around the globe.

12 Michelin Stars in 7 Days

While we are talking about food we may as well indulge in our favourite of the seven sins – gluttony. Also known as why-splurge-on-one-Michelin-starred-restaurant-when-you-can-have-twelve? Yes, you read that right! This far-out foodie tour ensures that you get your fill of fantasy food and then some, as you journey to the heartland of Germany to munch at spots that weave together 12 Michelin stars across seven days.

While Germany may not be the spot that immediately pops to mind when talking all things stars but lose yourself in the Black Forest where innovative chefs chuck out the sauerkraut in favour of whipping up dreamy plates in multiple star awarded restaurants. From Stuttgart to Munich and the quaint town of Bareiss, this is your chance to eat, drink, and be more than merry – Michelin style.

Tour Napa Valley

Home to sprawling vineyards, lashings of California cool, and some of the most memorable Michelin star spots in the entire world – connoisseurs of class will fall head over heels for the wonder of the Napa Valley. Meet with master sommeliers in Sonoma, learn how to sip and spit with style, and pack yourself a picnic basket of ambrosia and fine wine as you lap up the good life in these verdant rolling valleys.

From legacy spots like Auberge de Soleil with its 15000 bottles deep wine cellar to the achingly chic The Restaurant at Meadowood and the fabulous French Laundry, the Napa Valley has an Oscar-worthy line-up when it comes to incredible restaurants that have been topping the what’s hot list for decades.

Eat Sushi in Tokyo

One of the cities that has more Michelin stars than neon slicked skyscrapers and frothy cherry blossoms, Tokyo is home to the weird, the wonderful and unsurprisingly, the world's very best sushi.

Where else to experience the freshest most delicate melt in the mouth wonder than at Sukiyabashi Jiro. Anyone who has witnessed the Netflix documentary ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ will be familiar with the impeccable art, precision and passion this man has when it comes to flourishing his knife.

With only one thing on the menu, you can be sure that you are getting the best catch of the day straight from the sea. For those who want to celebrate the sheer stripped back craftsmanship of sushi – this is the place.

Eat Edible Cotton in Azurmendi Spain

One of the most famed Michelin starred restaurants in the world, this delectable gem sits pretty in Larrabetzu. An utterly enchanting experience and a complete sensory sojourn into the fairytale land of food.

Let yourself be led through the bright and bountiful terrace garden where all your fresh ingredients lay in wait, ready to be whipped into a wonder of dishes. Snack on edible cotton, eat an egg that has had its yolk surgically removed and replaced with a truffle consume via syringe, and go weak at the knees for cheese ice-cream – all while quaffing some of the most wonderful wines known to man. Who knew food could be this footloose and fancy-free while remaining so rare.

Nosh at Noma in Copenhagen

Consistently hitting the top of the world’s best restaurant lists, Noma is THE place to get your nosh on. While the original Noma closed its doors back in 2017, the new Noma has popped up in the achingly artsy and boho neighbourhood of Christianshavn. Three times a year the menu changes up, but the rules remain the same – 20 courses of seasonal savoir-faire served in astonishingly creative ways in a stunning environment.

What’s not to love? We are talking tomato leather, coffee-kombucha tiramisu, and reindeer tongue alongside other fountains of flavour that may sound like a dare – but are actually a dream come true.

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