New Year's Resolutions to Rule the World

Tired of the same old New Year resolutions about joining a gym, working harder, and spending less? 

Same here. As you may be aware, we aren’t in the habit of laying down rules and restrictions here at Life of Riley; in fact, quite the opposite. We help those that want to push their boundaries, embrace the unknown, and live their greatest adventure!

With all that in mind, we’ve curated a New Years resolutions list of game-changing habits and experiences so that you can make 2020 your best year yet…

Drive Faster

While we don’t recommend taking this new years resolution to heart and hitting the highways at a billion miles an hour on your way to the supermarket, we do think that feeding your need for speed can have mega benefits in a safe and controlled setting.

For those who feel like they need to amp up their adrenaline levels, live on the edge a little more, and break the mould of being a slow and steady person, perhaps an F1 driving experience can shake you out of feeling stuck. Head to the sweet lands of Virginia for the ultimate racing car experience, where professional drivers are there to take you on a hair-raising ride. Going from 0-60 in 3 seconds is enough to make you feel immortal, feel the thrill of 2.3G press you against the track, and relish the feeling of burning rubber. If you want to make 2020 a fast-rolling ride, this is your moment.

Go Deeper

Forget skimming the surface of life, in 2020, why not make it your aim to dig a little deeper and to plunge right into the pleasures our glorious world has to offer. Saint Augustine said, ‘the higher your structure is to be, the deeper your foundation must go’. Instead of keeping your gaze upwards this year, why not look to the centre of the earth – the molten core and while gazing into the depths of the tangible world, perhaps we also gaze into the depths of the self.

There’s no better way to take the philosophy of going deeper and bring it into practical being than diving into a volcano. We jest not. Head out to New Zealand and the aptly named Bay of Plenty, where you get to dive into an active marine volcano. Expect silence beneath the depths, cathedral-like ceilings, and mind-boggling drop-offs that duck and dive 150m. If you want 2020 to be the year you go deeper than ever before, this is your trip.

Give More

As we take a few more steps into the 21st century we are seeing the need to be more mindful of the lives we have chosen to live. While the up and coming generation is considered to be the wildest, the risk-takers, the dreamers and the travellers – they are also the most philanthropic.

We have hit an era where we want to give back to the world we inhabit and to make connections that bind us. Giving more can be done in a million ways. Whether you choose to volunteer for a few afternoons at your local homeless shelter, give charity donations, or even if you travel across the world to partake in carefully picked volunteer programs.

Head out to Nepal where you can spend time teaching English at a Buddhist monastery. Imagine classrooms beneath the rippling peaks of the Himalayas, living among monks and teaching a new generation how to speak a second language.

Aim Higher

Every year, someone tells you this is the time to reach for the stars. Well, we can offer you that quite literally. While others may be referring to climbing the corporate ladder, finding the love of your life, or taking a risk to embrace happiness, we like to take things literally at Life of Riley!

Why not leap as high as you can possibly go and opt for one of our epic space experiences? Take a Mig-29 Edge of Space Flight for a whole new perspective up to 22km high where loops and tail slides catapult you into another dimension.

For those who want to contemplate the edge of the world without the speed frenzy, then a high-altitude hot air balloon ride could be just the surreal space adventure you need. Witness the curve of the world and contemplate the universe at over 100,000ft sky high.

Be Present

From yoga mornings to meditative afternoons, we are always trying to be more present. This is a mantra that’s shared in every piece of advice ever shared. These days we seem to be in a constant surge of energy, tethered to our technology, looking to the next moment, lost in our heads.

Stepping outside of ourselves, rewilding, connecting with nature – sometimes it takes more than a stroll in the park to bring you back into the perfect revelry of feeling fully present. Opting to do something grand outdoors can be the perfect antidote to feeling disconnected; whether you choose to swim alongside majestic blue whales, dive the Great Barrier Reef, skydive, or do a mega exhausting hike up Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu or Everest – the point is to get outdoors, be awestruck, and be bullied by nature into being beautifully present.

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