5 Much Needed Events For November

November; famed for bonfires in England, the glowing lanterns in Thailand, the festival of lights in India, and stuffing yourselves senseless with turkey in the States. Yet, there’s a whole host more going on besides feasting and setting things on fire.  

There’s the fantastic carnival atmosphere of Sao Paulo’s high altitude Grand Prix, eclectic festivals across Iceland, gourmet culinary indulgence in Australia, and something not entirely dissimilar from women’s mud wrestling, except that the women are men and the mud is fat; the Sumo Tournament is kicking off in Japan!

Here are all those much-needed magical events this November…

Iceland Airwaves

If you had to pick the coolest city in the world to host a music festival, Reykjavik would win hands down. Sure, the air may have a certain chill but you don’t get any Scandi cooler than partying beneath the promise of the northern lights, taking a soothing dip in the Blue Lagoon to deal with lingonberry bright hangovers, and discovering a wealth of gorgeous galleries and bars along the way. Iceland Airwaves is one of a kind, holding epic gigs and concerts in some of the city’s most unique venues; from stained glass churches to squeeze-in-the-back record store spaces, forget the tired and terrible muddy fields that you normally associate with music fests.

Brazilian GP

Feed your need for speed as you blend a visit to one of the world's hottest party spots with the chance to see the Grand Prix. The only way to do the Brazilian GP is as a VIP – because let's be honest, living life in the fast lane is about champagne as much as it's about Ferraris. The dazzling Interlagos track is one of the most exhilarating circuits in the world and the Interlagos Club offers the most sublime watching spots for catching all the action and more. But back to that VIP status; we are talking unfettered access to the finest parties, three days full buffet service in the Orange Tree Club and Red Bull F1 Paddock Club and all the fine wines you can drink. Throw in the fun fact of also getting to soak up the spirit of Sao Paulo and November just got a whole lot better.

Margaret River Gourmet

November may scream comfort food in the chill of the West but over in Australia the sweet summer climate brings one of the best times for indulging in creative creature comforts. Margaret River is a living outdoor pantry; a land where fat trout glide through gurgling rivers, plump livestock graze on the greenest grass, vineyards spill down rolling hills, and every corner is home to picnic basket fantasies with curated cheese shops, bakeries, and farmers markets. The Margaret River Gourmet Fest takes it all to the next level with DJ’s, masterclasses, tipis spilling over with tasting tables, celeb chefs, wine tastings and a million and one local delicacies for those who want to perfect the art of overindulging.

Make a Wish Foundation Ball

Put on your Sunday best, prepare to dig deep in your pockets and head down to the Make a Wish Foundation Ball. Sometimes it can feel like it’s a dog eat dog world out there but then events like this come along and remind you that life can be loved and experiences lived whilst extending a hand to help those in need. The Make a Wish Foundation is a thing of pure wonder; it facilitates seriously ill children being able to live out their sweetest dreams. At this epic fundraising gala, you can expect a dazzling champagne reception, plenty of pearl and tuxedo clad eye-candy, endless entertainment, super sophisticated silent auctions, a sit-down silver supper, and supremely high spirits both on and off the dancefloor – with plenty of wine to fuel the mood of course. It’s for the kids after all.

Sumo Tournament

Japan has made its mark on the world in a million ways – geisha culture, Jiro dreams of sushi, crazy karaoke bars, the original cat café, thousands of years of ancient samurai stories, and of course – the mind-boggling but brilliant sport of Sumo. Few other competitions across the globe involve mammoth-sized men half-naked and grappling each other to the floor. Bearing witness to the Sumo Tour is one of the most off the chart things you can do in Japan. The tour starts in Gifu before hitting some of the best under the radar spots; Tamura, Fukushima, Osaki, Sapporo, and finally coming to its climactic close in Tokyo. Whether you choose to stand pit-side for a day or if you blend it with an incredible sojourn across Japan, life is never better than when you have Sake in hand and sumo in front of you.

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