Out of This World Winter Escapes

As the landscape undergoes a stark shift from warm autumnal hues to a brilliant white, we breathe in the cold, sobering air, crank up the heating, and dig our woolly clothes out the back of the wardrobe. Short on daylight, winter often becomes a time for reflection and preparation for spring’s eventual return.

On the other hand, not all animals hibernate during winter — some migrate — so if you find yourself already lamenting the loss of summer, why trudge through sludge when you can run barefoot in the sand? Why shiver in the rain when you can plunge into gin-clear seas? Make like a bird and fly to one of our Winter Escape picks this November…

Keemala Retreat Phuket

Thailand is forever tantalizing and if you needed any more convincing to pack your bags and flee to fantasy, then take a sneak peek at the Keemala Retreat in Phuket. We are talking Tolkien-esque treehouses perched in the verdant trees that spill down the hillsides and into the Andaman Sea. Get ready, because we are about to serve up some sensory declarations; tiki lanterns, winding pathways, lagoon-like pools, tumbling waterfalls, yoga on the beach, spa therapies and singing bowls, not to mention dramatically designed interiors and healthy gourmand Thai food sure to make you weak at the knees. This is the elegant escape you have been waiting for.

Sivananda Yoga Retreat

Still keen to keep your yoga practice on track throughout winter but can’t handle those freezing church basements? Instead of investing in thermal yoga clothes this year, why not delight in your downward dog against the dreamy backdrop of the Sivananda Yoga Retreat. For half a century, these guys have been perfecting the art of amazing yoga retreats and they seem to have unraveled the award-winning combination of letting everyone do child’s pose in the bliss of the Bahamas. Silvery sands, warm blue waters, and the rhythm of swaying palms – take a deep breath because you have truly arrived.

Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

Beat back winter with your greatest weapon yet – a fully flown five-star stay on a perfect private island in the titillating Turks & Caicos. Even the name is enough to make you swoon; Parrot Cay. If you are conjuring images of billowing white four-poster beds, his n' hers jacuzzis, lemon cocktails, world-class scuba diving, and glittering infinity pools packed with the A-list crowd then you are definitely in luck. While you are giving winter a well and truly good send off, why not go all out and book one of the celebrity-owned estates that come complete with personalized butler service and direct access to your very own sweeping beach. 

Pride of Africa Train Journey

Still longing for a winter escape but not completely smitten by the idea of sand and sea? How about an epic adventure aboard one of the world’s best luxury trains as you cross through part of Africa? The Pride of Africa is an eleven-day journey that takes you rolling from Durban to Zambia. Forget everything you thought you knew about trains as you step aboard this glitzy train that seems to be peeled from the pages of a history book. Kick back in your overstuffed armchair with a fine wine in hand and let the glory of South Africa enchant you as you pass by swaying savannahs, gorgeous grasslands, wildlife reserves, and under the shadow of majestic mountains. See lions and elephants in their natural habitats, head out on a three-day luxury safari, and swing by Cape Town for some famous sights in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. With your own private suite, around the clock room service, and Victorian bathtub, this is magical bucket list material. 

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