Sublime Summer Events Across the Pond

You say tomato, I say tomato. There’s something about summer that gets us in the mood for pure Americana. Perhaps it’s the hiss of 4th of July fireworks, maybe it’s the wonder of white picket fences in The Hamptons, or the great green bounty of Canada with its dense forests, sunshine, and cacophony of craft beers. Far from the sleepy fishing villages of the Med or the warm drizzle of England, we take a look at the finest summer events happening across the pond…

International Firework Festival, Canada

This is an event that is sure to go off with a bang. The International Firework Festival in Canada is about to put all those fizzling New Year’s Eve Catherine wheels to shame. Held in Montreal’s Six Flags Theme Park this is what the end of the world may feel like, only with pretty colors and lots of upturned smiling faces. 

Teams of pyrotechnic experts from across the far-flung globe come together to create epic displays that would make Gandalf’s attempts at wizardry seem half-hearted. Can you imagine spending the summer riding rollercoasters and watching the worlds best firework displays? This is what the world looked like before we lost our innocence. 

St Barth Hamptons Gala, USA

Every summer needs at least one fully-fledged glitzy event, and when talking about American picket fences across the pond, no spot captures the ultimate sophisticated summer vibes quite like The Hamptons. From the old-money mansions and polo matches of Bridgehampton to the cool edged crowd of East Hampton, this is where the New York elite go to spend their summer days draped on gorgeous dunes, dining at darling restaurants, attending elegant social soirees, and hitting the perfect pop up shops. 

If there’s one event that lends itself well to the ‘must attend’ social calendar, it has to be the St Barth’s Hamptons Gala. An A list crowd, a killer DJ, an open bar; all set against the backdrop of America’s summer playground– need we say more?

Calgary Stampede, Canada

If you ever wanted to be taken seriously when whistling ‘take me out to the rodeo’ then this is your chance. The Calgary Stampede is all bronco bucking, cowboy toting, beer twizzling fun. Held in the beautiful backcountry of Alberta, AKA the Texas of Canada, you can spend ten majestic days whoopin’ and hollerin’ as man and beast go head to head in a bucking, snorting fit of rage.

In-between all the stampeding, you can soak up more than a splash of rye, and fully immerse yourself in the cowboy culture of Canada at an event that draws up to a million visitors a year. Hayrides, barbeques, lassos, and the chance to snap up some real authentic rawhide boots – it’s fixin’ to be a real good time.

Dawson City Music Festival, Canada

Welcome to Dawson, no not Dawson’s Creek, but Dawson City. Canada’s quaintest little city is like tumbling back into the 19th century – think pastoral scenes, timber barns, people tipping their hat, a teeny tiny population of fewer than two thousand people. It may not sound like the spot to stash a cool edged music festival, but the Dawson City Music Fest offers something completely different to the usual corporate festivals populating the music calendar. 

Purely grassroots vibes can be soaked up in the pretty picture of Dawson, where for 41 years, the festival has grown from weekend barbeque to fully-fledged best little fest under the midnight sun. For those wanting to soak up the sheer beauty of the Yukon, get high on local spirit, and uncover some amazing gem-like bands who would have been impossible to discover – then Dawson City is the spot.

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