Trending Destinations Making The 2020 Bucket List

Like Antony Bourdain says, “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

The world is brimming with a thousand bucket list destinations, from the groaning glaciers of Antarctica to the blushing hues of Jordan, the European empires, and the wild Savannah plains. But how to go about shortlisting all those places in the world? How to pick a spot on this far-flung globe that not only captures our imagination but is going to gift us with great adventures? Ask the experts of course...

From Conde Nast


Pakistan’s tourism has been on hold during a time of unrest and upheaval, but for those who are craving an inside look at one of the most beautiful countries, you will be glad to know that there’s a positive focus back on this awe-inspiring spot. Conde Nast has marked Pakistan on their must-visit list for 2020, and for those keen to witness ancient mosques, unbelievable mountains, and brightly dressed communities, it is well worth the journey. This is also the home of the K2 and Gondogoro La Trek. Considered one of the most amazing treks in the world – it's not called the Throne Room of the Gods for nothing.


It seems that as a world, we aren’t quite over Paris yet. Once more, the city of lights has made the trending destinations list and we aren’t surprised. As European greats go, Paris is the pinnacle. From stomping around lavish museums where la crème de la crème of the art world waits, to iconic sights like the Sacre Coeur and the milky flow of the Seine. Gorging on cheese and wine and buttered croissants, splurging on the Champs Elysees, and generally lapping up a life well lived – these are all the reasons to adore Paris. If you want a slightly different experience of the famed museums, how about taking a comedy tour of The Louvre?


The Philippines has long been murmured about when it comes to destinations of sheer magic, but this year is the year it’s going to go boom. According to Conde Nast, the surfers are skipping out on Bali in favour of the Philippines, where waves come uncrowded and a new and exciting scene of eco-friendly boutique hideaways and spiritual resorts are popping up to make way for the highly welcome tourism flux. One of these glorious resorts happens to be The Farm at San Benito; a glorious holistic sanctuary focused on fully-fledged wellbeing complete with a five pillared scientific program, we can promise that a holiday has never been so healing.

From National Geographic


Forget those war-torn images from a few decades ago, Bosnia is back as one of the most fascinating spots in the Balkans. A collision of east meets western architecture makes for impressive viewing as you cruise around the pint-sized country marvelling at its Medieval castles, its arched stone bridges, and its lively towns. The countryside is equally as glorious with swooping mountains, clear cold rivers for rafting, and thundering falls. National Geographic are celebrating all this and more by adding Bosnia in their must-see list for 2020. The best way to explore the country? We think its in the context of a Balkan tour, taking you all the way from cruising the Danube to the depths of Serbia, into Sarajevo and beyond.


Tantalizing in every way, Tasmania is also hitting all the high notes when it comes to National Geographic’s must-visit spots for next year. From the highly controversial art museum in culture-rich Hobart to the undeniable scenic splendour of Cradle Mountain with its crystalline lakes and sky puncturing peaks, the enigmatic bliss of the beautiful Wineglass Bay with its vibrant wine-dark turquoise hues, and the fascinating spectacle of seeing a Tasmanian Devil outside of looney tunes – Tasmania is a land of riches. Speaking of which, don’t leave Tasmania without indulging in fresh oyster tasting at the Freycinet Marine Farm. We are talking wading out into the water to sup on super fresh pearly oysters on a half-submerged white linen tablecloth. Wellies and champagne included.


Smashing the top of everyone’s lists this year is the ever-amazing Argentina. Who doesn’t love a country famed for its steak and wine? National Geographic named it, but pretty much every travel destination listicle you can find is noting that NOW is the time to get there. Mendoza is the magical wine region that makes everyone an instantaneous sommelier, Buenos Aires is for chowing down on world-class suppers and dancing until dawn, and for those who want to run wild – Patagonia with its prairies, mountains and gaucho glory is waiting. Take an epic tour of Argentina to see the mountains and wineries and to see why this country is turning heads for 2020.


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