The Valentines Bucket List for Brave Couples

A night in a fancy hotel, rose petals scattered across the bed, the warm glow of dancing candle lights, and Kenny Roger’s playing in the background - if this sickly sweet Valentine’s plan has you and your significant other reaching for the bucket then we have some alternative suggestions to see you right!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be about hallmark declarations of love; instead, it can be about creating amazing memories and sharing heart-racing adventures with the person you have picked to stand by your side. 

From white water rafting to rock climbing, skiing Europe’s mighty mountains and paddling for dear life, here’s our expertly curated bucket list for couples who want a thrilling Valentine’s Day!

Swim the Devil's Pool

Capture a selfie that is sure to be the envy of every couple in the world as you swim to the very edge of one of the worlds largest waterfalls. Perched at the top of Zambezi’s Victoria Falls, AKA The Smoke That Thunders, the Devil's Pool certainly earns its name.

A natural rock pool with a wall to stop you tumbling over the edge, this is the perfect spot to sit and admire the rush and roar of thousands of tons of water pouring over the edge of the world. If sitting on the edge of one of the world's wildest waterfalls isn’t enough adrenaline for you both, the fact that the guides need to check the river for hippos and crocodiles before you get in may just be the sexy cherry on the cake. Rainbow spray, wild thunder, and the best selfie spot in the world – what’s not to love?

Ski the Dolomites

While other couples may flock to the Colosseum of Rome and the sweeping canals of Venice, for those who prefer their Italian job with a slice of powdered heart-pumping fun, how about opting to Ski the Dolomites? We are talking about 1200 km of pure white paradise - 12 skiing areas, breathtaking black slopes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and all the apres-ski Prosecco you can drink.

The Dolomites are considered one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe and have impeccable state of the art ski facilities. Spend your day whooshing down mind-bending slopes before settling in for evenings of hot tubs and all the cheese you can eat. Heaven.

Rock Climbing Sardinia

Sardinia is another of Europe’s romantic gems. Awash in sunshine, surrounded by hazy blue seas, and boasting blissful beaches, quaint harbours, and some of the finest cuisine – second honeymoon moods don’t come better than this. But of course, at Life of Riley we are all about the idea of delight…and then some.

There’s no better way to be smitten by Sardinia then on a rock-climbing adventure. With its rippling golden mountains, cloud puncturing crags, and epic nature – head out on a seven-night rock climbing adventure to scale the heights of Italy’s most romantic island.

Surf Australia

Couples who ride waves together, stay together. This may not be the motto you are used to but it’s a sure-fire thing that surfing can be an amazing activity for couples to learn how to have fun together.

Nothing says true romance like watching your other half squeeze into a wetsuit, swallow a gallon of salt-water and re-emerge from a seaweed bath looking like a creature from the black lagoon. Throw in plenty of whooping, laughing, and letting yourself look like a complete idiot and you have many must-have moments for your bucket list. Step your water-bound adventure up a notch by learning to surf at the Margaret River Surf School in Australia.

Balloon Over Everest

A hot air balloon ride is the ultimate romantic experience; you, your lover, a bottle of breakfast champagne and a kaleidoscopic sunset to boot. Let’s forget the open flame powering the balloon behind you.

For the couple who want to keep a slice of old school romance as part of their adventure, how about rising high over Mount Everest. More than a simple hop in and fly high experience, a balloon ride over Everest is much more of an expedition. In fact, you will have to spend a month in training to be sure you are fit and skilled enough to make the trek and climb aboard for the ride. While in Nepal you have plenty of opportunity to gaze longingly at Everest’s imposing peaks as you prepare to fly with a veteran National Geographic recognized pilot.

White Water Raft the Zambezi

Back to the thundering power of the Zambezi River, only this time, instead of being perched above it at the Devil's Pool you will actually be part of the flow on a white-water rafting ride through Zambia. Nothing says I love you like clinging on for dear life as you smash through the white-knuckle rapids and screeching highs that make this river an adrenaline lovers life force!

Choose from a three or a seven-day adventure that takes you careening and tumbling over the likes of The Devil's Toilet Bowl, Stairway to Heaven, and umm ...Creamy White Buttocks. Who said romance was dead?  When not being thrown mercilessly around in churning water, you can lap up the life of luxury. Joke. This is the brave couple bucket list, not the Ritz! But you will be sleeping beneath the stars, sipping cold beers, and fully immersed in Zambia’s glorious zebra and giraffe dotted outdoors

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