Your Fave French Flings for Spring

There’s something about France in the flush of spring that has a certain je ne sais quoi. Call it the buttery soft weather, the Cote d’Azur spilling over with flowers or the sense of romance that permeates Paris –there’s certainly a pull to European shores during the month of May. But poetry aside, there are plenty of tangible and tantalizing reasons to set your sights on France for the spring. From the roar of the glittering Monaco Grand Prix to flashing paparazzi bulbs illuminating Cannes, it’s time to crack the Veuve Clicquot and check out our roundup of the most extraordinarily elegant events sure to bring out the joie de vivre this spring.

The Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix

The purr of a Ferrari, a palatial backdrop, and a kingdom of wealth and cars – it's easy to fall head over heels for the speed and sass of the Monaco Grand Prix. Celebrated as being one of the most coveted occasions on the luxury social calendar, you don’t even have to be a petrol head to adore the finesse of this unforgettable event. What can you expect from this F1 adventure? How about champagne days, casino nights, front row seats to the races, epic after-show parties, and throw in a few road trips around the French Riviera just for fun. 

A Monaco Grand Prix Elite package invites you to arrive in the pristine Principality in style with an eight-day supercar adventure that takes you across the dizzying Pyrenees and Girones and into St Tropez and the Royal Riviera. After days of death-defying speeds, it’s time for a different pace- three-tier superyacht party with a whirlwind of F1 drivers, celebs, and high-flying socialites of the Monte Carlo scene. 

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival

Roll out the red carpet, put the champagne on ice, and get your tux or Dior gown out of storage – its time for the 72nd season of the Cannes Film Festival. Quite possibly the most important event of the year when it comes to the dazzling drama of the silver screen, the Cannes Film Festival is the perfect playground for cinephiles, film buffs, and anyone interested in weird and wonderful conversations with the likes of David Lynch and Jim Jarmusch. 

Along with lashings of film screenings, the chance to boo and cheer with the mob, and not to mention all those salacious and scandalous after-parties, it’s also a great chance to soak up the sublime glamor of Cannes and the French Riviera. The Exclusive Cannes Film Festival Package is ever enticing with its VIP access to both the screenings and hand-picked afterparties so be sure to pack your game face for all those paparazzi flashes. 

Genius of Monet

Genius of Monet

Those who prefer their spring fling with a few more floral elements can wander beneath the wisteria in the gorgeous gardens of Givenchy. Artist Claude Monet actually lived in this rambling French home perched close to the flow of the Seine and it laid the inspiration for many of his paintings including the beloved Water Lily Pond. Spring is a stunning time to visit – when the poppies are as bright as smeared kisses, the lilies peeling back their petals on the still waters, and the willows weeping into a bed of color. You can lose hours wandering, writing, and dreaming in this garden.

Take a Genius of Monet tour where a trip to Givenchy is blended with a 19th-century chateau stay and a chance to visit the sublime Chateau de Chantilly whose epic art collection will leave you starry-eyed and inspired to pick up your own paintbrush. 

perfume making workshop

Style your Scent

Marilyn Monroe once declared that ‘There are no women who do not like perfume, there are women who have not found their scent.’ For those who are mystified by the aura of flora, head down to gorgeous Grasse – AKA the perfume capital of the world for a perfume making workshop. Sure, you could just hop to duty-free and pick up a pre-made bottle, but according to the scent scientists of the world – every human has their own unique makeup that affects the way perfume and scent clings to their skin. Chances are a premade bottle of perfumed plonk is curated for the masses and who wants to be cookie cutter when it comes to leaving your mark. 

Working with the experts Molinard, you can create your highly specified dream scent within the walls of a wonderous family run business that has been marrying people to their sensory food for well over a century. Pick from an orchestral range of over 90 scents – whether you adore the sharp tang of citrus, the soft notes of exotic flora, or the savor faire of spice, Grasse’s enchanting atelier des parfum workshops will take you on an unimaginable sensory sojourn. 

We adore France any time of year, but spring certainly holds a romantic charm – plus it’s the perfect time to dance across the gilded bridges crooning the Ella Fitzgerald line ‘I love Paris in the springtime…’

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